Email Marketing Strategies
Keep your customers informed

Opt-in Email List Marketing can be one of the most useful tools available for keeping your customers informed of new products and services, increasing repeat visits to your site(s), and solidifying brand-name recognition.

As with any other marketing tool, the key is to reach the right customer base with the right message, in an accessible format. Email marketing is far less expensive that Direct Mail or Telemarketing, and is an excellent tool for gathering information about your customer base through online surveys, personal data collection, and opt-in permissions verification prior to implementing an expensive Direct Mail or Telemarketing campaign.

At coastie.NET, we have over 5 years experience in integrated marketing strategies, including

  • Merging,Deduplication and data scrubbing of very large customer lists
  • Custom Marketing Database design
  • Area Code and Zip Code analyses
  • HTML Marketing Scripts merged with customer information
  • Drill-down market area response reporting

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