Business Website Content Management
Reaching your customers, and keeping them

At coastie.NET Web Strategy Consulting we recognize that in today's business environment, a website is more than a brochure. Your customers may need to be reached from multiple technologies, through different media including
  • email campaigns
  • telephone messaging campaigns
  • banner ads
  • online questionnaires
  • multiple websites

Making a website succeed is about delivering content to the right people, in the right media, at the right time.

You can increase the value of your investment in a professionally designed website by connecting your website content to email campaigns, and relating both email and website to outbound telephone messaging campaigns. Supercharge the effect of hits from banner ads by following up with qualified customers with online questionnaires.

At coastie.NET, we develop custom applications and integrations to existing applications to help you accomplish the goal of connecting with your customers, using tested and effective technologies that can be implemented by small to medium-sized businesses.

  • Our customers benefit from over 10 years of experience in database management, customer support, direct marketing, and software development
  • We use proven technologies like ASP,ASP.NET, and XML to deliver solutions without excessive licensing costs
  • We are constantly researching new Business-to-Business technologies to add to our services
  • Custom solutions are good. Free is better. In many cases, our customers will be referred to free resources on the internet that we believe will add value to their business
  • No code is written until the customer's requirements have been thoroughly researched and a written proposal has been approved
  • All reports and analyses are delivered in writing, in plain English
  • All customers receive our monthly coastie.NET technology briefing -- FREE!

Contact Us Today to find out how coastie.NET can work with you and your marketing staff to coordinate the message and visual appeal of your marketing strategies through multiple media content management.