Some of our Happy Customers
We have consulted with companies all over the US in the areas of CRM, Content Management, ERP, and Callcenter Data Management, and we have assisted numerous start-up companies in selecting and implementing enterprise Callcenter/CRM products. Since 2001, we have focused on development of products and components to support online service provisioning utilizing Microsoft .NET technologies as well as more familiar distributed COM+ /ASP / SQL2000 strategies.
Greyt Friends of Colorado (
Greyt Friends of Colorado is a small business with two major interests: providing services for people who have retired greyhounds and promoting the adoption of retired greyhounds. Although Greyt Friends is for-profit, 5% of all proceeds are donated to various greyhound adoption organizations. The owner of Greyt Friends of Colorado, Inc. asked us to help create a business plan for web-enablement, a web-promotion strategy, and ultimately to design his website using cutting edge technologies.
Technologies:ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL/TSQL, Macromedia Flash/Fireworks/Dreamweaver

Applied Computer Services, Inc.
Project: re-development of highly successful existing client-server ERP/Productivity Measurement application for provisioning as an internet-hosted Application Service Provider Product for a world-wide market.
Technologies: ASP, DHTML, Vbscript, Javascript, SQL2000/T-SQL, Fireworks Graphics, Dreamweaver
  • User authentication and cookieless session management
  • Complex integration of client-side timers with measurement questionnaires
  • Automated task measurement tools
Vari-L Electronics (
Project: development of custom intranet/extranet Content Management System in distributed COM+/ASP/SQL2000 environment Technologies: Visual Basic COM+ integration,ASP, Fireworks Graphics, Dreamweaver DHTML,SQL2000, T-SQL.
  • Posted Content (Human Resources, New Releases, Product Catalog) Management
  • Document Management
  • Custom hit tracking module with reporting of product-level visitor browsing behavior on internet site
  • Sales Channel Management by sales territory, with integration to online customer information requests
  • Automated content disposition, upload and retrieval between Content Management System and live website
Test Marketing Group
Project: software architect and sole developer for ICON (I-Connect) Callcenter Marketing and Test analysis environment Technologies: ASP/VB, SQL2000, T-SQL, SQL User-defined functions, SQL Agent/DTS, DHTML/XHTML
  • Callcenter Data Management: coordinating data from server-based telephony system, ICON Sales subsystem, and peripheral data stores for reporting and analysis
  • Automated data conversion and reporting
  • Algorithmic Credit card validation
  • Predictive Analysis and Inbound Call Sourcing for analysis of response to commercial broadcast airings.
  • Dynamic testing environment for Inbound and Outbound calls,multi-product sales, and customer behavior analyses
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